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How to Raise Respectful Parents will be released Winter 2016.

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How to Raise Respectful Parents

Laura Lyles Reagan

At long last—a practical, “how to” guide for teens to help them navigate the confusing transition from dependence on their parents to becoming responsible for themselves!! Author and Sociologist Laura Reagan provides teens with a detailed road map on how to build positive relationships (and influence) with their parents while, at the same time, honoring their own need for greater autonomy. The companion chapters on “How to Listen So Your Parents Stop Talking “and “How to Talk So Your Parents Will Listen” are exceptional at building communication and negotiation skills.

Every writer strives to convey his or her message in a manner that not only gets relevant information across, but evokes the reader’s emotions; Laura does that. Her writing style is informative, persuasive and socially meaningful.”

Veronica Gonzales,

Vice-President for Government Relations, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and Former Texas State Representative

“Teens, this book tells you what you need to know to manage your parents, yourself, and difficult situations with skills that will serve you well throughout your life.”

Sharon R. Carter,

Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Life and Executive Coach who has been assisting adults, adolescents, and families for over 30 years

“Through homework hassles and communication issues, Reagan’s strategies will help teens and parents build better futures together.”

Susan Valverde,

National Supplemental Education Expert


Available in Spanish

Teen culture and parent culture often seem worlds apart from one another. Teens need help preparing to fully enter the adult world. Learning about adult culture, effective communication skills and relationship strategies will prepare teens for a successful future. The best training ground for that future is the teen-parent relationship.

How to Raise Respectful Parents empowers teens while enticing parents to read it and practice the relationship building and communication skills outlined in the book. Teens will learn how to grow meaningful, more satisfying relationships with their parents through sample conversations, communication exercises and tips for dealing with adult culture. The concepts are introduced in a conversational way; they are based on original, transitional youth development research and family sociology but are easy to read and understand.