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What Is Parenting Sociology?

Parenting sociology suggests that parents become the social mirror for their children. Parents reflect back to the child information and meanings.

I see you really like to tell stories and write. You are very creative.

The child feels good in response and begins to think of himself as creative.

By adopting the tools of sociology, like being non-judgmental and asking open-ended questions, parents can more consciously communicate their perspective by engaging and affirming the child’s perspective. This doesn’t mean you agree necessarily. It means you try to understand the child’s point of view.

Sample Conversation Between a Parent and Child

Mom: “Tell me about Amy?” – Open ended question

Grace: “She’s okay but she’s always with her new boyfriend Matt now. (Grace rolls her eyesUsing parenting sociology opens lines of communication with your children..) He’s cool but they are just so in to each other.”

Mom: “So, they are really into each other?” – Active listening

Grace: “Yeah, I feel like the third wheel on a lopsided tricycle. It sort of makes me mad.”

Mom: “You are angry because you feel left out?” – Confirmation of meaning

Grace: “Yes, especially at lunch.”

Mom: “What can you do about that?” – Open ended question

Grace: “I guess I could go eat at Abbie and Maddy’s table.

Mom: You feel left out because of how Amy and Matt relate to each other, especially at lunch. But you are willing to eat with other friends. – Summarize

Grace: Yes, but I really miss Amy.

Mom: I know you miss your private time with Amy but I am really proud of you for trying new things. – I-Message

Grace: Thanks mom.