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Co-Creating Skills for Teens

Co-Creation Skills for Teens

Your teen is a growing, independent soul and social actor from you as parent. Sometimes parents can become so worried about their teens that they forget that they are separate individuals who process the world differently, because they are in a different stage of life and have a different social location than their parents.

Building a better, more satisfying relationship with your teen first means you must listen as non-judgmentally as possible. This will require that you remember your teen is their own person. The first step is to get to know your teen in a different way. Sociologists and journalists use an interview technique called open ended questions. Inside of interview conversations, interviewers use, interview by comment. Both of these techniques may be helpful to parents to learn more about how their teen is processing and coping with the world.

The following are a few open ended questions you can use to start conversations. Remember the purpose of this exercise is to simply listen and learn. Be careful not to jump into advice giving mode, simply listen and learn.

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